An Intuitive Life
Illuminate life's questions via intuition
Kay Taylor
There are interesting clues about your psychic power in your astrology chart. Like all other facets of who you are, your psychic potential is a combination of the entire chart as well as your consciousness -- how many lifetimes you've lived and how hard you've worked on healing and evolving yourself in this life. However, your Moon sign tells a lot about how you are emotionally wired for psychic and...
  • sep 3
    03:34 pm

    The Joy of Focused Action and Deep Rest

    I love this season -- autumn reminds me of fresh notebooks, brand new pencils, falling red and golden leaves, and a sense of new possibilities. And,... read more
  • jul 28
    07:10 pm

    Dynamic New Moon

    The vibrational shifts in the past few weeks have been dramatic and most of us have been feeling a combination of intensity or even irritation and a... read more
  • apr 21
    12:51 pm

    This Week's Cardinal Cross: Go For It!

    There’s some level of fear generated about the potential disasters that might be associated with the Cardinal Cross coming into exact alignment... read more
  • nov 24
    02:54 pm

    Life Manifests with Divine Humor

    The chart we were talking about was mine. Each class member's chart had already been analyzed over our previous six weeks as they learned chart... read more
  • sep 29
    08:13 pm

    Simple Sun-Moon Strategies

    It is clear we are in times of upheaval and major change, whether we follow the stars or simply watch the news. Our own lives require a constant dance... read more
  • jul 29
    02:30 am

    Powerful Monday

    People are asking me what's going on, is the Mercury retrograde not over yet, why am I feeling so irritable/jumpy/vibrational...?The fact is, although... read more
  • jul 3
    04:06 pm

    Grounded Love

    We are heading into a lovely summer, powerful planets swimming in water signs, aligning with each other with flow and ease. Imagine hanging out with... read more
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